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Mayoral prospects reveal taxation statements. Meet Nashville mayoral prospects

Sourced elements of earnings: Titan Advisors LLC; City Press; stock dividends (earnings gotten by partner); property of George Fox Sr.

Investments: Bank of America; Wal Mart shops; ProShares S&P Trust Short Hedge; Apple Inc. (held by partner); Kraft Food Groups (held by partner); McDonalds (held by partner); Mondelez (held by partner); First Acceptance; Microsoft; Nelson’s Greenbrier; Federated Capital Reserves; United states Funds money Builder Fund; Titan Masters Fund; Mass Mutual Panorama Plus Annuity; GenWorth Annuity; Lincoln Financial Annuity; Principal Funds Growth Portfolio

Charitable efforts: complete of $27,924 directly into 52 nonprofit businesses, including Big Brothers Big Sisters; The Temple; 2nd Harvest; University class of Nashville; YWCA; Martha O’Bryan Center; Nashville Public broadcast; Fisk University; Montgomery Bell University; KIPP Nashville; Harpeth Hall; Conexion Americas; Teach For America; The LOVERS; Friends of Warner Parks; Jewish Federation of Nashville and center Tennessee

Bill Freeman (Picture: Shelley Mays / File / The Tennessean)

Bill Freeman

U.S. Individual Income Tax return,:

Occupation: chairman of Freeman Webb Inc., an estate that is real, administration and brokerage business

Spouse’s career: housewife

Wages, salaries and guidelines: $342,001

Capital gain: $3,551,148

Other gains or losses: $0

Leasing estate that is real royalties, partnerships: -$1,723,367

Modified gross income: $2,412,451

Total income tax: $364,994

Individual financial record:

Web worth: $123,174,492

Types of earnings: Fidelity Investments; real-estate leasing; 555-FW Partners; Dixon Springs Investment Co.; Freeman Florida Venture; FWB Bedford LLC; FWB Burning Tree LLC; Hunter Chase LLC; Oak Park LLC; FWB Patrician Terrace LLC; FWB Rose Wind LLC; FWB Partnership; Graymere TN, LP; Harpeth Financial Services LLC; Hartford term life insurance Co.; Heritage destination TN, LP; Hillhurst TN, LP; Lexington, TN, LP; Miller Energy money; hill Ridge TN, LP; Old Hickory TN AHPC, LP; Rosewood Windrush LP; Sunflower-Greentree LP; Sussex Downs LP; Valentino’s Ristorante in Nashville; WB TN GP; Welch Bend

Assets: 45 general opportunities to organizations, mainly to real-estate organizations. Additionally committed to „The Gundown,“ a 2011 movie by which he served as co-producer; Valentino’s Ristorante in Nashville, along with Harpeth Financial solutions, which runs as Advance Financial

Charitable efforts: $331,654 in and $320,075 up to now through

Premier beneficiaries over past 2 yrs: Conexion Americas, $100,250; Tennessee State University Foundation, $100,000; Cheekwood, $51,284 ( carries a $24,000 in-kind share); Clinton Foundation, $50,000; In Comprehensive movement, $42,500; Sexual Assault Center, $31,225; Cumberland Heights, $26,000; Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, $25,000

Howard Gentry (Picture: Samuel M. Simpkins / The Tennessean)

Howard Gentry

U.S. Individual Income Tax return,:

Occupation: Davidson County Criminal Court clerk

Spouse’s occupation: N/A

Wages, salaries and guidelines: $130,495

Company income: $0

Capital gain: $0

Other gains or losses: $0

Leasing real-estate, royalties, partnerships: $0

Modified gross income: $130,522

Total taxation: $20,185

Resources of earnings 2014: Gentry does not record any sourced elements of earnings on their declaration of great interest, but he received $130,495 as Davidson County Criminal Court clerk in 2014, based on their taxation documents.

Opportunities: None

Charitable efforts: Gentry listed $3,200 in presents or charity on their 2014 taxation return. Those included Penuel Ridge Retreat Center, Boy Scouts, Tennessee State University, Frist Center, First Baptist Church, Temple Baptist Church, secure Haven shelter, Foundation for Athletics, NAACP, procedure Andrew.

Jeremy Kane (Picture: Samuel M. Simpkins / File / The Tennessean)

Jeremy Kane

U.S. Individual Income Tax return, 2014:

Occupation: Nonprofit training professional

Spouse’s career: lawyer

Wages, salaries and guidelines: $188,458

Company income: $42,096

Capital gain: $0

Other gains or losses: $0

Leasing estate that is real royalties, partnerships: $0

Modified gross income: $227,596

Total taxation: $46,674

Resources of earnings: Kane does act as training consultant. He obtained $44,646 in make money from that part in, in accordance with their taxation return. He listed no individual source of income on their declaration of interested filed in June; Kane’s spouse is a lawyer with Dodson, Parker, Behm & Capparella Computer in Nashville.

Opportunities: Retirement accounts with Principal Financial Group and American Funds; university cost cost cost cost savings plan

Charitable efforts: detailed $3,470 in taxation return. Recipients consist of Legal help Society of center Tennessee, Tennessee State University, NAACP Freedom Fund, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Matthew Twenty-Five, Lwala Community Alliance, Neighborhood site Center, Nashville Conflict Resolution Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters of center Tennessee, Fifty Forward, Wounded Warrior Project, Tennessee Justice Center, LEAD Public Schools (Kane assistance discovered the charter school company), The ALS Association, Girl Scouts of center Tennessee.

Linda Eskind Rebrovick (Picture: Samuel M. Simpkins / File / The Tennessean)

Linda Eskind Rebrovick

U.S. Individual Income Tax return,:

Occupation: company administrator

Spouse’s career: consultant

Wages, salaries and guidelines: $113,364

Company income: $760,471

Capital gain: $88,350

Other gains or losses: $0

Leasing estate that is real royalties, partnerships: -$1,720

Modified gross income: $962,883

Total income tax: $331,899

Resources of earnings: Rebrovick gets income from Consensus aim Inc.; HealthStream Inc.; KPMG RAP LLP; Western Express Inc.; Capital verification Inc.; and UBS Financial solutions. Her spouse gets earnings from NMG Advisers Inc.; Compass Executives Inc.; Warner Street business Inc.; Synovus Bank of Nashville; and Cumberland Trust Co. They both generate income from Spring Creek Realty.

Opportunities: a lot of Rebrovick’s opportunities have been in the type of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), bonds or other kinds of investment funds. Other assets consist of: HealthStream Inc.; Howard Hughes Corp.; Pinnacle Financial Partners Inc.; Relevance Capital; Claritas Sharecare CN Partners LLC; HHM Plus LLC; Capital verification Inc.; Consensus aim Inc.; the home that is rebrovick Nashville; Grant Park Futures Fund; WICKED GP; and Sun America Polaris II.

Her spouse has assets in Cumberland Trust; Synovus Bank; NMG Advisers Inc.; Compass Executives LLC; Compass Executives Group LLC; Warner Street business Inc.; TSYS; American Funds; Franklin Templeton; and a house in Lyles, Tenn. The few have actually a good investment in RS Jackson Hole LLC, which is apparently a house in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Charitable efforts: Estimates $22,445. Recipients are Nashville Rotary, YMCA and YWCA, Lipscomb University, Better choices, Congregation Micah, MS, Warner Park, West End Synagogue, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Entrepreneur Center, Center for the creative Arts, Leadership Nashville, Nashville Humane community, This new online payday OK Beginnings Center, Swan Ball Cheekwood, Abe’s Garden, Pan Mass Challenge MA, the ALS Association, Greenways for Nashville, Conexion Americas, Nashville Wine Auction, Nashville Public Library Foundation, Gordon Jewish Community Center, Martha O’Bryan Center, Conservancy Gala at Centennial Park, the Nashville Symphony, Girl Scouts additionally the Legal help Society.